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Welcome to the Lifestyle Plants Website


This site has been designed to give you as much information about our collection of Lifestyle Plants as possible. This range has been conceived to fill the contemporary niche requiring big, bold and instant displays. Each plant has been specially selected for its exotic interest, architectural impact or is stunning in flower, leaf or stem. Whether you are a Garden Designer, Garden Centre Buyer, keen Gardener or just looking for a unusual plant that will survive with little care, this site will have plants for you. Please see the About page for more information about us and the lifestyle concept.


Making the most of climate change
Set to embrace the impact of global warming, the Lifestyle range includes a wealth of beautiful and unusual plants that have been tried and succeeded in the British climate with minimal or no winter protection. Many of the plants are also drought tolerant which is an important consideration especially for gardeners in the south of England.


Bold new plants for compact spaces
Enabling the customer to grow plants in any situation. Interesting vegetation can provide an exotic jungle effect even in a small garden situation. The range of Lifestyle Plants covers the whole spectrum from giant bananas to compact gingers, from moisture loving gunneras to drought resistant succulents - the Lifestyle concept can provide plants for any garden, the patio, or even indoors.


Utilizing the whole plant growing concept
Indoor - conservatory -patio - garden
Many of the plants within the range make excellent houseplants - unusual and decorative. They can be chosen to suit a sunny or shaded situation as stated on the label or on this site. A conservatory can provide conditions for an extended growing season and year round enjoyment of exotic plants. Patio pots can be placed on the smallest of terraces or grouped for effect on large patios, always moveable for flexible planting schemes or available to be planted out in the garden as desired. Use the advanced search to find plants suitable for indoors or for the conservatory.


Plants for the Amateur Gardener
All plants have a detailed label with required growing conditions. We have worked very hard to enable anyone even with the most basic of gardening knowledge to be able to care for our plants with the clearly laid out and a simple-to-understand quick reference guide.


Ever-Changing Range
Our expert team never stops searching for the most stunning and en-vogue plants from all over the world that will grow in our ever changing climate. Our selection of plants is continually changing. Now comprising of over 250 plants from the ever popular range of Callas to the stunning new Gaillardias. We hope you enjoy viewing our site.


If you would like more information please contact us.


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